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Since Virginia Ventures inception in 2001, the most valuable insight we've learned is that we don't know everything, and to admit that is not a fault. The investment industry is rife with nuance and change. To fully and precisely have knowledge of all aspects of our industry is impossible.

The marketplace offers a great wealth of opinions on almost every investment subject. An integral part of our process is to probe and inquire of institutional experts, actual investors and other market practitioners on issues of concern to our clients. Specifically, we engage dozens of highly respected investors, intermediaries, and vendors to elicit real time reaction to our clients' concerns.

Being responsive to clients means being responsible for retrieving optimal answers critical to their issues and inquiry, and delivering experts to clients' doorsteps. Many times recognizing the symptoms is just as important as the treatment.

Virginia Ventures' outreach into the investment community is specifically designed to continually gather intelligence, to absorb industry nuance and feel the beat of what is working and what is not. Our methods include the "100 Second Interview" - a brief and very focused inquiry on one topic, and our more in depth "Interview/Surveys" that examine issues on several related fronts using in depth inquiry buttressed by direct interviews with many participants. Our typical outreach covers 200-300 respondents.